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Your First Job is your survival guide to entering the competitive and challenging world of work.

From 12 key Dos (and 6 key Don'ts!) for your first few months, to how to say No to your boss when you need to, Your First Job is here to ensure you get off on the right foot straight away, so you can hit the ground running, confident and able to cope, without having to learn the hard way!

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A free survival e-book guide for your first month at work. 

First Job? is here to give you an unfair advantage in getting off on the right foot.

With a dozen key Dos, a list of definite Don’ts, and a checklist of practicalities you need to consider, First Job? will enable you to hit the ground running and able to cope, without having to learn the hard way!

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Mark's talk and a Q&A session from US Graduate Career Festival 2018.

With 2 million US graduates entering the workplace every year, Mark describes 3 things to think about in this new world, and 3 top tips for getting off on the right foot.

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